2022 Graduate Showcase: Rhea Wanshu Di

“Tea Leaf”

Spring Summer 23

“Tea Leaf” is a womenswear collection exploring gathers and ties. Based on research examining the Silk Road and cultural trade between East and West, these garments are comfortable, wearable and bright.

Name:Rhea Wanshu Di

2022 Graduate Showcase: Alicia Cheng Li

“Stranger Twins”

Autumn Winter 23

Two strangers who have no connection with each other, meet. Without saying a word, they fully understand each other. Black represents negative feelings such as worry, bewilderment and dread. While white represents optimism. This collection narrates the story of two strangers meeting, interpreting their emotions through fabric, colour, and silhouette.

Name:Alicia Cheng Li

2022 Graduate Showcase: Cindy Xindi Yao

“The Ant Colony”

Autumn Winter 23

Inspired by Wenji Tang’s “The Ant Colony”, this collection examines the loss of independent thought and privacy in the face of networking technologies, algorithms and synchronised thinking. Using Xu Bing’s “Heaven and Earth”, fabric prints have been developed, combining internet emojis, morse code and Chinese characters to create an unintelligible new language, backed by crystallised selfies and distorted identities. Garments are hooded, wrapped and folded around the body, darted and fused together to create silhouettes for this new future, hidden from the state.

Name:Cindy Xindi Yao

2022 Graduate Showcase: Andrea Boxuan An

“The girl forgotten”

Autumn Winter 23

This collection draws parallels between the historic and the personal, examining contemporary body anxiety in youth and placing this against historic shapes and silhouettes in European womenswear. Through practical investigation of construction methods in corsets, bustles and puffs, new garments have been generated, which fuse modern outerwear with historic shapes and features. The girl forgotten in time is central to this, rediscovered and rewritten through a shared contemporary narrative.

Name:Andrea Boxuan An

2022 Graduate Showcase: Robert Hart

“Two grandmothers”

Autumn Winter 23

Inspired by family history and familial identity, this collection questions the preservation of identities of those who have passed. Artefacts are preserved in museums because of their historical and cultural significance providing us with insight into the time, social norms, attitudes and ideologies of the day. The knowledge they hold is irreplaceable. Through research of family photographs, two grandmothers form the pillars of this collection, two very different women whose histories and personalities are fused into clothes. Utilising fabrics of the 40s and 50s, alongside Dior’s ‘New Look’, this personal collection questions identities through time, applied to conscious fashion today.

Name:Robert Hart

2022 Graduate Showcase: Aneesa Najeeb

“Can you hear my voice?”

Autumn Winter 23

“Can you hear my voice?” aims to capture the sensation of synaesthesia, an experience from an alternative sense. Using a combination of technology and digital prints as a means of communication, the collection aims to allow emotional connections to be felt through a secondary medium. Technology synchronises sound and light to create a visible aura that is exposed, allowing the body and viewer to be in tune with one another. Digital prints represent three ideals of being, entitled Empathy, Anatomy, and Power. The contrast of 3D print in accessories creates a division between the body and soul, drawing on the importance and vulnerability of the body to creating an exoskeleton that demonstrates externalisation.

Name:Aneesa Najeeb

2022 Graduate Showcase: Nicole Lyuke Jiang

“Behind the Clocks”

Autumn Winter 23

It seems that every step in life has been arranged. 18 for university. 25 for marriage. We are all losing ourselves while struggling to catch up on time. “Behind the Clock” tells the story of courageous, determined women who continue to struggle for real equality and freedom in silence. This personal collection explores silhouette and shape through sensitive fabric and unfinishings, conveying beauty beyond society’s constrictions.

Name:Nicole Lyuke Jiang

2022 Graduate Showcase: Sarah Shurmer

“Dear Mum and Dad…”

Autumn Winter 23

“Dear Mum and Dad…” follows the personal tale of young love, struggle and conflict of two newlyweds living in an English country house in the late eighties. Celebrating the eclectic maximalism and cultural blend hidden in the interiors of Sezincote House, inspiration is uncovered in every corner, from ornate lead work applied to pocket shapes and cording, to the artful combinations of fabric and trim. Painted dog heads are adorned onto printed scarfs, coupled with cocoon coats inspired by Romeo Gigli and oversized shirts cut in historic mens’ style, all worn by the eccentric gentlewoman.

Name:Sarah Shurmer

2022 Graduate Showcase: Emma Gifford

“Purple Hairstreak”

Autumn Winter 23

Rooted in the late nineties, this collection is influenced by the symbolism of butterflies and concept of personal growth. Taking references from childhood clothes, memory, and family photography, garments playfully reconfigure sportswear details, cuts, and fabrics, with a thorough technical exploration of jersey and stretch fabrics and their application. This collection projects a confident vision of femininity in sportswear, balancing a playful maturity across the six looks which is accented by the deep purple highlight and styled with butterfly printed white tights.

Name:Emma Gifford

2022 Graduate Showcase: Tina Wenxin Tian

“Goodbye Earth”

Spring Summer 23

Let us imagine that one day, at some point in the future, the Earth will no longer be habitable for humans and people will need to migrate to space to find a new home. “Goodbye Earth” is a personal journey into an imagined future. This collection focuses on silhouette, utilising zero-waste practice to generate abstract volumes imitating weightlessness and clothes under water. A calm, gentle atmosphere is captured throughout, with a sensitivity to colour and fabric utilised throughout.

Name:Tina Wenxin Tian