2022 Graduate Showcase: Jodie Ramsier

“Aura” Spring Summer 23 The seemingly constant flow of negative events in the media leads us to question: is this is all there is? Many people use self-exploration to reframe their view of the planet in a better light. Auras are extensions of the self, symbolising humanity stepping over the threshold of confinement. Influenced byContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Jodie Ramsier”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Zora Zhu Gao

“Waterworld” Autumn Winter 23 This womenswear collection combines strong trouser suits of the eighties with print and surface design inspired by ocean preservation. Captivated by underwater ecosystems, prints and embellishments have been developed, informed by organic forms present in coral and realised in bold, graphic colour. Swarovski crystals embellish the prints, which are applied toContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Zora Zhu Gao”