2022 Graduate Showcase: Gemma Brayshaw

“Feminine Armour” Autumn Winter 23 “Feminine Armour” takes inspiration from the typically masculine shapes and panelling of European medieval suits of armour, transforming and adapting these forms through feminised shapes and cuts, referencing corsetry and undergarments. This collection undoes the idea of women’s suppression, reconstructing corset shaping and detailing in defiance. Historical design features areContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Gemma Brayshaw”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Shirley Shimin Wu

“New Masculinity” Autumn Winter 23 “New Masculinity” is focused on menswear that has no concept of gender, expressing male resistance to gender stereotypes through fashion. Inspired by Rococo and Baroque textiles and the male peacock in dress, this collection uses pearls, lace and velvets explored through print design and layering, alongside bold colour. Fabrics andContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Shirley Shimin Wu”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Lucy Gadsden

“Bryan’s Wardrobe” Autumn Winter 23 “Bryan’s wardrobe” and the garments in this collection are named for the many inspirational hard working men within my own family. The collection follows the journey of a working class man and his family immigrating from New York to the UK in the 1930s, exploring family heritage and an imaginedContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Lucy Gadsden”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Sylvia Yilan Song

“Balance and Imbalance” Autumn Winter 23 “Balance and Imbalance” is inspired by the work of artists, sculptors and architects such as Gordon Matta-Clark and Richard Serra. This collection is an exploration of geometric lines, architectural structures, shapes and silhouettes in garment design. Research has been conducted around structuralism, minimalism and deconstructionism in architecture, with principlesContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Sylvia Yilan Song”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Hannah Andrew

“Read All About It” Autumn Winter 23 “Read All About It” highlights the lives of child-workers the ‘Newsies’, taking inspiration from oversized shapes and cuts, combining this with modern street styling. An elongated silhouette comprising dresses, long shirts and ankle-length coats challenges traditional masculine codes, alongside the use of pleating typically seen in womenswear. FabricsContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Hannah Andrew”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Ilka Yingyi Geng

“Quiet confident” Spring Summer 23 This collection is guided by the principles of minimalist and deconstructivist architecture, applying these to design clothes that are ergonomic, relating to the softness of the female body. The bra is reversed to the outside, fixed with bold metal rings, while clean lines are utilised in drape, interacting with theContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Ilka Yingyi Geng”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Quinn Xinyi Cui

“My flower” Spring Summer 23 This menswear collection takes inspiration from organic shapes in nature, specifically the flower. Translating this into pattern cutting, layers that mimic the petals of a flower are laid on top of traditional shapes. This is combined with print designs on pleats, also referencing the flower. Drawing from contemporary designers suchContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Quinn Xinyi Cui”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Emily Kaliczynskyj

“Lineage” Autumn Winter 23 By definition, “Lineage” is the ‘descent in a line from a common progenitor’. This collection explores the idea of connections that take place all around us, from the past to the present. Through exploring personal lineage and family history, the collection draws inspiration from 40s wartime clothing, uniforms and workwear. TheContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Emily Kaliczynskyj”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Faye Jinghan Lyu

“Special Connection” Autumn Winter 23 This collection explores the emotional and physical connection between mother and baby, the female body and womanhood. Inspired by autobiographical artists such as Tracey Emin and Louise Bourgeois, motifs and shapes have been explored that evoke the female body, referencing maternity dresses and bras. Fabrics are sensitively selected through anContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Faye Jinghan Lyu”

2022 Graduate Showcase: Jacinda Zixin Liu

“Sense, sensibility and shoulders” Autumn Winter 23 This collection considers historic youth culture, comparing the socialisation of young people today with the extremely restrained social etiquette of Europeans in the 19th century. Focusing on the differences in interactions between genders, the collection fuses male and female clothing, utilising ruffles, wide shoulders and narrow waists toContinue reading “2022 Graduate Showcase: Jacinda Zixin Liu”