2022 Graduate Showcase: Gemma Brayshaw

“Feminine Armour”

Autumn Winter 23

“Feminine Armour” takes inspiration from the typically masculine shapes and panelling of European medieval suits of armour, transforming and adapting these forms through feminised shapes and cuts, referencing corsetry and undergarments. This collection undoes the idea of women’s suppression, reconstructing corset shaping and detailing in defiance. Historical design features are modernised through contemporary use of bright, optimistic colour, symbolising hope for a fierce and equal female future. Flattering panel lines, silhouettes, and cut-outs are utilised to empower, bestowing a feeling of desirability, with separates that can be reconfigured to create 36 outfits, offering a look for every woman to feel a sense of seductive authority.

Name:Gemma Brayshaw
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