2021 Graduate Showcase: Sophie Hicks

“Speakeasy, Miss Mullen. “

Discovering the Krazy Kat Klub during the early stage of researching was a pivotal point for Sophie’s final collection. A sense of chutzpah is added through the 1920s speakeasy Krazy Kat Klub muse Katherine ‘Kat’ Mullen who pushed the boundaries of style, with stockings rolled down and above the knee skirts part of her everyday aire. The 1950s teddy girls were another influence within Sophie’s work, with other references to rebellion through the decades and modern architecture influencing the pleating and layering found within the collection. Every piece within Sophie’s collection has been pleated by hand using organic coon, denim and Sophie’s hand painted watercolour gingham print, of which adorns several pieces within the collection. With sustainability a main focus throughout Sophie’s work, it felt important to create a collection that had the option of being interchangeable, with the notion of lowering consumption. Sophie’s collection consists of six modular garments and 10 interchangeable pieces that can be swapped or attached onto each base garment to create over 28 different looks. Modular fashion really allows the wearer a sense of creativity, swapping the modular pieces to suit the wearers style and mood, in addition to allowing modular pieces to be replaced easily if damaged.

Name:Sophie Hicks
Specialism:Fashion Design Womenswear
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