2021 Graduate Showcase: Lydia Gilbertson

“From The North Side” Spring / Summer 2022 collection

The functional and feminine outfits are inspired by the factory working women of World War One, who were renowned for the lace that they would add to each of their own uniforms to highlight their individualism, as well as restoring the femininity that was taken away by working in the masculine munitions factories. The laser cutting used throughout the collection has been inspired by a family heirloom of handmade lace which is translated through the collection in a modern way. Her main inspirations for the collection come from her own core beliefs. Issues surrounding sustainability and the need for more organic fabrics in fashion are at the forefront of this collection. The outcome is practical, functional, but still feminine. The 2022 collection is aimed towards women in their 20s, and are designed for all manner of occasions. This versatility makes them comfortable and suitable not only for day-to-day life, but also for dressed up occasions. In previous collections, such as “Pretty Brutalism”, her colour palette has been darker and subdued. This time, however, she has gone for a lighter approach which appears more feminine, whilst also staying true to her spring release. The newest garments created by Lydia Vere are being showcased at a catwalk at Winchester School of Arts next month.

Name:Lydia Gilbertson
Specialism:Fashion Design Womenswear
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