2021 Graduate Showcase: Yubing Luo

“Children’s Fantasy”

In this final project, my work is about Children’s Fantasy. I started my research with the left-behind children. Through studying the materials in the field of left-behind children and in-depth discussions, I better understood what I should do. I didn’t want to bring dark colors into my project. One of the most important elements is the shape of the flower, because in the eyes of children, it is a bright and lovely symbol. And in some rural areas, people also like to buy clothes with floral patterns. I sprinkled collected materials on paper with gouache, forming abstract patterns resembling flowers in different colors, and added the curved shape of petals to the outline design of the clothes. The fabric I chose is organic cotton and Janice poplin which is sustainable fabric. I am committed to making clothes using sustainable fabrics. In the following process of making final outfits, I also mastered more new sewing knowledge.

YUBING LUO Womenswear
Name:Yubing Luio
Specialism:Fashion Design Womenswear
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