2021 Graduate Showcase: Hannah Vatcher


‘Re-Connected’ explores the relationship between technology and craft. Struck by their
contrast and connection whilst trying Macramé on a zoom call, I delved deeper into their
relationship. Uncovering the Industrial Revolution’s links with the Arts and Craft movement, DIY styling personified by the Punk era and Judy Blame on the cusp of the World Wide Web in the 80s. I concluded that no matter how much we rely on technology we always will reconnect with our human instinct for hand crafts. To demonstrate this, I used circuit boards as block prints, my hand dying was inspired by coding art and I contrasted intricate pleating with sporty ripstop nylon. My silhouettes were inspired by traditional East Asian clothing, in particular the kimono. The dress, anorak and trousers all have minimal seams like the kimono providing drape and flow. The statement sleeves also have kimono influence. The craftsmanship of cheongsam inspired the use of intricate pleating and fastening details I combined this with references from 1980s sportswear, leading on from pre-collection. The anoraks elasticated cuffs and contrast sleeves where inspired by varsity jackets. The sleeve seam in the dress and anorak is an extension of the gusset to allow better fit and movement since the body and sleeve are all one piece. Anoraks inspired the uses of drawstrings and the raglan three quarter length sleeve is reminiscent of football tops. Track pants inspired my trousers, as well as continuing to be a key piece for consumers due to the success of comfortable styles in lockdown. Kansai Yamamoto inspired the vibrancy of this collection, overall, I wanted it to have a joyful impact expressing the excitement and optimism of moving out of lockdown, re-connecting with friends, family and life as we know it.

Name:Hannah Vatcher
Specialism:Fashion Design Womenswear
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