2021 Graduate Showcase: Cheng Qian

" The  Pillow  Book"

I  found  the  inspiration  of  The  Pillow  Book  while  I  was  watching  the  1996  film  of  same  name.  The main  character  Nagiko  (performed  by  Vivian  Wu),  has  the  beauty  of  both  modern  and  tradition.  In the  film  she  has  worn  white  kimono  in  the  beginning  and  the  end,  also  modern  shirt  dress designed  by  Martin  Margiella.  However  the  most  intriguing  part  are  the  human  bodies  with  the  ink calligraphy  of  different  language.  It  seems  to  me  that  a  person’s  culture  and  language  is  like  the ink tattooed on skin. In  this  project  my  original  research is focused  on  skin  and  tattoos.  The  “skin”  part  made me want  to  design  a  collection  that  is  friendly  to  skin,  which  is  extremely  comfortable  with  a  little transparency.  This  concept  matches  my  research  of  kimono,  an  easy,  zero  waste  lingerie  style garment.  I  also  chose  a  series  of  nature,  sustainable  fabrics  for  the  designs.  In  my  view,  either Chinese  or  Japanese  is  highly  associated  with  nature,  they  are  the  master  of  using  environmental advantage  to  create  crafts,  clothing  and  decorative  fashion.  The  oriental  art  is  something  I  want  to show  in  my  collection:  the  calligraphy,  the  tattoos,  the  folklores.  The  hannya  is  a  monster  figure  I personally  like,  it  is  also  widely  seen  on  tattoo  designs.  By  choosing  this  print  I  want  to  add  some brutal beauty to balance the feminine silhouette in my collection.
CHENG QIAN Womenswear
Name:Cheng Qian
Specialism:Fashion Design Womenswear
Internships:Roy Studio
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