Wardrobe Study

At University of Southampton we are quickly integrating sustainability into to all educational programmes with an aim to increase carbon literacy, and consider how research activities can support and develop understanding of and instigate practices pertaining to sustainability in everyday life. 

Putting this into practice Dr Jo Turney set a wonderfully insightful and fun project for Year 1 Fashion Design, allowing them to turn a mirror on their own consumption practices by studying their wardrobes and the clothes that they wear. 

Our Fashion Design students are acutely aware of the value of material and waste so the wardrobe analysis was an opportunity to really drill down into dress as an embodied practice and to consider the value and experience of wearing clothes. Whilst taking in key issues such as colour, wearability, comfort, function and fabric the students also recognised attached values such as ‘love’, memories and meaning, within their clothes. This lead to some of the restyled below.

And an opportunity to create completely new items out of those ready to be discarded. It was wonderful to see personal styles shine through in these new looks.

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