nowhere Creativity Workshop

Year 2 Fashion Design students worked with the wonderful nowhere creative team to unlock their creativity.

Creativity is one of the most sought-after and yet elusive qualities of both our personal and organisational lives. We need it to push our thinking, enliven us, and help us achieve things we never thought we could. Organisations need it to drive innovation, shape the unmade future, develop breakthrough strategies and be more adaptive and dynamic. 

Creativity connects us to our creative life force. It underpins every discipline and is the source of step-change in every subject. It enables teams to be greater than the sum of their parts, and communities to surprise themselves with what they can create. It animates cultures, sustains societies, and drives economies. It also happens to be intrinsically rewarding and deeply nourishing. 

Some say our creativity is educated out of us. Many say they don’t see themselves as being creative. We think both are a real shame because we believe everyone can be creative and can learn to meet life differently. 

In this Age of the Great Unknowing, we need more people than ever to be catalysts of change. Because of the unprecedented challenges that we see young people and organisations face at this time, we have developed a new virtual creativity programme. It enables a new and next generation, to become accelerators of change, innovation, and transformation. Welcome to Meeting Life.

The students at Winchester experienced elements of the following four key principles – expressing their creativity through words, images, drawings, and objects. 


  1. Stand in your magic – know yourself first
  2. Co-create with others – put difference into creative relationship
  3. Ride the creative rollercoaster – learn to thrive in uncertainty
  4. Catalyse breakthrough – bringing newness into the world

Here’s what our Year 2 Fashion Design students learned…

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