Experimental Fashion Film Project Year 2 Fashion Design Students

Year 2 students were given full creative freedom and asked to write and develop a short film that reflected their personality and conveyed their ideas through the digital medium of film. This was an intentially quick project. The students had a week to develop their initial concept, write their story, decide on location, model, styling, colour, lighting and select an appropriate soundtrack. Each film was shown to the year 2 group and they voted for the films that they enjoyed the most. It was a really fun and varied crit, each of the 23 films unique and creative. The following films had the most votes, so I hope you enjoy this work of our Fashion Design Year 2 students.

Rock, Paper, Scissors (2020) Directed and created by Zixin Liu, Jacinda

My story is about rock, paper, scissors, and I mainly want to talk about the Zeigarnik effect. An activity that has been interrupted may be more readily recalled. It means that people remember unfinished or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. In my video, I used a draw with rock paper scissors to express this unfinished thing. A hand that appeared suddenly interrupted the game, like it took me away. Then I was doing other things, such as playing pens and reading books, but I recalled the idea of finishing rock-paper-scissors and decided to win or lose. In the end, I came back to complete the rock-paper-scissors. Like I said at the end, there is always a thought that leads you to finish what you almost finished. This is also a way to get rid of procrastination. It is always telling you that you still have something to do, so hurry up to do it.

  • Model: Zixin Liu, Jacinda/ Shujie Fu, Sue/ Chuyi Liu, Barbara
  • Shot by: Zixin Liu, Jacinda/ Chuyi Liu, Barbara 
  • Creative Direction: Zixin Liu, Jacinda
  • Music: Unknown, free non-commercial use through Douyin

Fluid (2020) Directed and created by Hannah Andrew

Fluid is about exploring a softer side to androgyny looking at how masculinity and femininity are interchangeable. I wanted it to feel dreamy and intimate with the character, to get a sense of a real personal reflection and growth. 

  • Shot by: Alexander Baldry 
  • Model: Catherine Jones
  • Creative direction and editing by: Hannah Andrew
  • Music: Japan by Uniq

Flora Lyndsey (2020) Directed and created by Flora Lindsay

I wanted to create a video to present my brand, Flora Lindsay, a trial of creating a look book video. The video shows many of my past garments from various collections. I loved combining some happy, funny clips with more serious clear shots to give the relaxed, easy going and fun atmosphere alongside some clean tailored looks to represent my brand. 

  • Models: Molly Lindsay (@moomoomusic), Daniel Jolker, Flora Lindsay
  • Shot by: Flora Lindsay
  • Clothes: Flora Lindsay
  • Music: From FMA (Heaven – Makaih Beats & Unknown name, with football crowd noise in the beginning)

Seas the Day (2020) Directed and created by Emily Kaliczynskyj

A short film that reflects the connection between this year’s staycation holidays due to COVID-19 and the ‘good old days’ of British seaside town summer vacations.  I wanted to show the fun and light-heartedness of the day as I believe it is now more important than ever. I feel the piece celebrates escapism, with people from all circumstances and backgrounds coming together to the same place to feel ‘normal’, even if it was just for a short while. I also wanted to capture the different moments that were happening all at the same time, as I felt there was a sense of unity as I walked along the beach. 

  • Music: ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’ (John Glover-Kind, 1907), performed by Emily Kaliczynskyj
  • Shot by: Emily Kaliczynskyj

My Dream (2020) Directed and created by Boxuan An

How do I describe my dreams in pictures? I close my eyes and say good night and fall asleep. I want to see the strange saturated colours in my dream more clearly. However, I can only see blurred colours and outlines. It is said that human eyes keep moving during sleep, perhaps for the sake of seeing and remembering dreams better.

  • Model: Boxuan An, Andrea   
  • BGM: 《蒸汽波》 (Steam Wave) – tttth  (free non commercial use)                                                                                          

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