Featuring the Work of Year One Fashion Design Student Alice Daggett

Second of three mini insights into our Year One Fashion Design students’ inaugural project Original Copy.

After putting a call out over social media for donations of unwanted shirts Alice honed in on supersizing the identities and details of her chosen designer Bianca Saunders.

Alice identified Saunders’ sheer figure-hugging T-shirts, side-split trousers, clingy silk shirts and ruched, ruffled cropped tops as a means to explore gender identity. Saunders’ West Indian heritage offered the opportunity to explore the voice of the Black Power movement culminating in a collection which overall champions freedom of expression.

An unusual space in which the Black Panther Movement meets the reinventing styles of Prince and David Bowie and Blitz club personalities like Leigh Bowery and Michael Clark. The right to a voice and freedom of expression opens the door to ever-mutating identities. 

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