Introducing the Class of 2020

I’m pleased to introduce the WSA BA Fashion Design Class of 2020! They have shown tremendous resilience in light of the change in circumstances in the last four months of their study, and the running up to completing their Graduate Collections – the culmination of three years of study.

I am incredibly impressed by the innovation shown, making the collections take shape, despite limited resources, and the ability to create individual presentations and portfolios, using their surroundings as platform. As the saying goes ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.

The graduating cohort of 2020 is a wonderful mix of Fashion Design students and personalities – with menswear, womenswear and ‘a scene beyond’ collections. Bold, beautiful, creative, minimal, colourful, monochromatic, poetic, textured, daring, inventive, all part of the showcase to follow. I hope you will enjoy it!

Cecilia Langemar
Programme Leader BA Fashion Design

For enquires contact:

Ceceilia Langemar
Programme Leader BA Fashion Design

Design: Studio 3015

Apfel Grotesk Regular & Brukt by Collletttivo.

Apfel Grotezk Brukt, was designed to reduce the amount of used ink in printing through cut-outs of different size and shape.

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