nowhere Creativity Workshop: Find Your Uniqueness

Since the nineties, nowhere’s been working behind the scenes, and at the highest levels, with corporations all over the world. Their creative and diverse team help companies catalyse and animate vision, develop new and exciting strategies and build innovative new brands. They love designing workshops that encourage co-creativity – they helped WSA Fashion Design students explore their uniqueness and in teams, co-create insightful symbols.

Film made by nowhere (before ‘lockdown’ in the UK)

A variety of creative tools were used to draw out insights. A series of postcards helped students amplify their difference and haikus were written then presented to each other to inspire a co-creative symbol. Themes such as ambition, strategy, purpose, brand and story were explored to help broaden their perspective on the fashion industry and tease out some of the things they may wish to do in the future. Working in small teams the students found the experience refreshing and collaborative. They expressed that working in co-creative ways helped to develop brilliant ideas! 

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