Current Vision Fashion Show

Current Vision Graduate Fashion Show held at The Vinyl Factory, Soho, London is a celebration of this year’s talent coming to fruition; a culmination of their learning and a visual presentation of each individuals journey and identity as a designer.

Qiuhan Wang

Whilst pure form in combination with gender, identity and fluidity continue to influence the face of contemporary fashion, the collections this year see a shift in mindset. The reality of the world we live in has forced designers to reflect on the environment and the sustainability of their practise, as well as their own identity. Beauty and aesthetic are no longer the only preoccupation of the creative mind; functionality and form, alongside sustainability and simplicity, echo throughout the collections as we move towards a new awareness in fashion design.

Agnes Farmer

This year, designers have been heavily influenced by the notion of being a ‘Citizen of the World’ – their individual environmental and social responsibility. In parallel with this mindset, designers have investigated and reflected upon their own personal and private worlds as well as politics, gender and society at large.

Current Vision only represents a small fraction of the outstanding work produced on the BA Fashion course at WSA. Collections shown are selected for their runway presence in terms of uniqueness in design as well as material choice, silhouette and construction.

See images for each collection in Students Work

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